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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There is a Storm Brewing

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. — Thomas Jefferson

A storm is looming on the horizon of the body politic in the United States. In writing of this storm I take some risk of being labeled a bigot and Islamophobe by some and intolerant by others. This is not my position. I offer this post to illustrate where we are heading in this country and influence the growing influence of Sharia on our body politic.

Fox News reports; “The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan warned Tuesday a Florida church's threat to burn copies of the Muslim holy book could endanger U.S. troops in the country and Americans worldwide.”

"Images of the burning of a Koran would undoubtedly be used by extremists in Afghanistan -- and around the world -- to inflame public opinion and incite violence ," Gen. David Petraeus said. "Were the actual burning to take place, the safety of our soldiers and civilians would be put in jeopardy and accomplishment of the mission would be made more difficult."

“His comments followed a protest Monday by hundreds of Afghans over the plans by Gainesville, Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center -- a small, evangelical Christian church that espouses anti-Islam philosophy -- to burn copies of the Koran on church grounds to mark the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.”

“Petraeus warned images of burning Korans could be used to incite anti-American sentiment similar to the pictures of prisoner abuse at Iraq's Abu Graib prison.”

"I am very concerned by the potential repercussions of the possible (Koran) burning. Even the rumor that it might take place has sparked demonstrations such as the one that took place in Kabul yesterday," Petraeus said.”

Even the U.S. Embassy, in Kabul has gotten into the fray by issuing the following statement condemning the Center’s plans; “Washington was "deeply concerned about deliberate attempts to offend members of religious or ethnic groups." Are they as concerned over offending Christians?

The burning Gen. Petraeus is referring to is the planned burning of the Koran by Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Florida on September 11th, the ninth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by Islamists.

Fran Ingram writes on the Center’s Web site; “On 9/11/10 we are burning Korans to raise awareness and warn. In a sense it is neither an act of love nor of hate. We see, as we state in the Ten Reasons below, that Islam is a danger. We are using this act to warn about the teaching and ideology of Islam, which we do hate as it is hateful. We do not hate any people, however. We love, as God loves, all the people in the world and we want them to come to a knowledge of the truth. To warn of danger and harm is a loving act. God is love and truth. If you know the truth it can set you free. The world is in bondage to the massive grip of the lies of Islam.” Ms. Ingram goes on to state 19 reason why the Koran should be burned.  You can read these reasons by clicking here.

First of all the planned burning by the Dove World Outreach Center is not Abu Graib. The violations committed by misguided U.S, military personnel at the Abu Graib prison were violations of military and international law. The planned Koran burning is protected speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Organizations like CAIR will decry Rev. Jones’ planned actions and our liberal media will condemn him. There will be no mention of Bible burning in Islamic countries or imprisonment or beheading for even having a Bible in one’s possession. The State Department, White House and Department of Defense will remain silent.

No mention will be made of displaying a Crucifix in a bucket of urine at a tax supported exhibition in New York City or a statue of the Virgin Mary covered with dung at a San Francisco art exhibition. They will claim that these are art and examples of free speech.

American flags are burned at almost every left wing demonstration with the latest example being at the recent demonstrations in Arizona against S.B. 1070. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that these are protected displays of free speech.

I am not in favor of the burning of the Koran by Rev. Jones’ church. I view his planned actions similar to the book burnings in NAZI Germany during the 1930s. Gen. Petraeus is probably correct in his assessments that the Koran burning will create demonstrations and violence against our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Be that said it demonstrates how fearful we have become of the Islamists. They are dictating the dialogue in the United States and we are slowing drifting towards Sharia in this county.

Rev. Jones claims that the $140,000 dollar mortgage on his church has been called by the bank. He states; “In the spring this year, our mortgage was called in without warning. Although we have been their client for many years, in perfectly good standing, RBC Bank demanded that we repay $140,000 in 60 days.  RBC Bank gave no reason for their demand, but they are headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. North Carolina has a strong Muslim presence including state senator Larry Shaw who is also the chairman of the terror-linked Muslim group CAIR – an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Islamic terror financing conviction in the U.S. It is part of the RBC Canada family that has entered into Islamic Sharia financing in recent years.

Our church is certainly not Sharia compliant. Banks that offer Sharia Finance prefer only to do business with Sharia compliant clients. What does this mean for the future of America’s churches and businesses that do not please the growing Moslem [sic] population? Some examples would be selling pork or alcohol - not allowed under Sharia. We managed to fight for a year’s extension, but now dhimmi Cottons All Lines Insurance has sent notice of a cancellation of our insurance.”

He also claims that his burn permit has been rescinded by the Gainesville City Council; “When we first applied for it, there was no problem. Now the City Council has voted to deny it, even though it is our 1st Amendment Right.” Perhaps he should consider a wood chipper.

The question I have is will your children live under the influence of Sharia in the coming years? There are many indications that they will. The Muslim Brotherhood claims that jihad is not so much terror attacks as it is the slow and continuous establishment of Sharia throughout the world. Terror is merely a tactic to advance Sharia. The United Kingdom and Europe have already begun to succumb to this jihad, just look at the assassination of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.

Mohammed Bouyeri murdered Van Gogh in the early morning of 2 November 2004, in Amsterdam, in front of the Amsterdam East borough office (stadsdeelkantoor) while he was cycling to work. Bouyeri shot van Gogh eight times with an HS 2000 handgun, and Van Gogh died on the spot. Bouyeri then attempted to decapitate him with one knife, and stabbed him in the chest with another. The two knives were left implanted in his torso, one attaching a five-page note to his body. The note threatened Western countries, Jews. You can read the text of Bouyeri’s note by clicking here.

While Rev. Jones has the right to burn the Koran or any other book  he is being criticized for his lack of sensitivity to Islam and the Islamists. Meanwhile the citizens of New York City are being told by their political leaders that they should not request the same sensitivity from the Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam behind the building of the planned mosque at Ground Zero. Are we seeing a double standard here and just another example of the Islamists dictating the dialogue?

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