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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Party of No

“When a new source of taxation is found it never means, in practice, that an old source is abandoned. It merely means that the politicians have two ways of milking the taxpayer where they had only one before.” — H. L. Mencken

If you watch enough cable news shows you will see and hear a steady stream of Democrat “strategists” and talking heads tout that the Republicans are the party of “No”. They will claim that the Republicans have no real solutions for today’s problems and all they want to do is block Obama’s plans for moving the county forward.  They also claim the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of angry middle class and senior white people who are against everything that Obama and the government is doing.

Well, as an angry senior I like the idea of saying no to what the government is doing. I want Republicans and Libertarians to say No to more spending, more government control of our lives and more redistribution of wealth. I want to say no to government health care, cap and trade, auto company bailouts and takeovers. I want to say no to those who want to curtail free speech by muzzling talk radio and limit our Second Amendment rights. I want Republicans to say no the unions, to the special interest groups, the race baiters, the Muslims, affirmative action and the government school monopoly. I want them to say no to ill advised military adventures where we do not have a clear defined mission and public support. I want to say no to illegal immigration and anchor babies. I want to say no to federal funding for abortion and organizations like Planned Parenthood. I want to say no to obesity programs and taking salt of off a restaurant table. I want to say no to the United Nations and all of their programs where we pay the lion’s share of the tab. I want to say no to nations that look to us for money when they have a natural disaster then stab us in the back. I want to say no to people like Bono who claim we have pumped more money into Africa to counter AIDS and then rip us in his public appearances. Enough is enough.

Yes, no is a good word. We have enough of yes and it’s time for a lot more no. What are the solutions the Democrats are talking about? The U.S. Constitution’s Article 1, section 8 lays out eighteen defined enumerated powers to the federal government. No where in this article is mention made of health care, auto company takeovers or funding of abortions.

When the Democrats ask what solutions we have, my answer is none. Just say no. Every solution the Democrats, and yes Republicans, have come up with since Woodrow Wilson have had unintended consequences. As an example according to John Stossel of the Fox Business Channel, before the passage of the American Disability Act (ADA) the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 48%. After the passage of the ADA, with all of its rules and regulations the unemployment rate climbed to 59%. The reason for this rise is that employers look at a disabled person seeing a job as a potential law suit walking in the door. This is just one example where good intentions have gone terribly wrong. Government is not in the good intentions business. Tell Congress to forget the good intentions and stick to the 18 enumerated powers. If the states want to pass good intention legislation and you don’t like it, you can move.

Congress passes 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 page bills that they don’t read or understand. How are we the people supposed to know what is being passed? When being asked what was in the health care bill Rep. Conjers (D-Michigan) responded” They tell me to read the bill. It would take two days and a battery of lawyers to do that. I don’t have time for that.” What on God’s green earth are we paying these guys for?

The next time you hear one of those Democrat strategists or talking heads say the Republicans are the party of no and they have no solutions stand up and cheer. Tell them that you look forward to two years of gridlock in Congress where nothing gets done except not providing funding for any of Obama’s program by saying no.

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