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Monday, September 27, 2010

Panama Canal Cruise — September 27, 2010 – Day Four

Once we are underway heading southeasterly towards Acapulco and our shore excursion to see the cliff divers. Here is what we will be doing: "This leisurely sightseeing tour will show you the highlights of Acapulco, and you'll see the death-defying feats of Acapulco's high cliff divers." The first time I saw photos of these divers was on a Sawyers 3-D View Master. Ever since that day I have wanted to see these divers. I hope I am not disappointed. I will let you know tomorrow.

I would say that well over half of the women and men are medically obese and many are handicapped in some way. I mean walking with canes, walkers and using those electric scooters. This goes for all nationalities, not just Americans. Many of the women need to seriously consider spending more on the bras as the ones they are wearing do not provide much support. Perhaps that’s the European look. As for the men, most are walking with pronounced limps or some form of assistance. 
As this is an at sea day we will continue our progressive trivia and see if we ca maintain our lead. Also, we will need to decide on an alternative shore excursion for Huatulco.
The weather seems to be improving with slightly lower temperatures and less humidity. We are getting some puffy cumulus clouds off to the west, which may indicate we are in for a few showers during the afternoon.

We didn’t do as well at trivia this afternoon and our low score combined with yesterday’s score dropped us to second place by two points. We will have to get much better.

Kathy won some more money in the Casino today. She is up to around $100 plus her initial Bingo winnings. If she keeps it up we will have a nice down payment on our next cruise — to New Zealand.

I’m getting a bit bored with all this relaxation. It’s time to get moving and seeing some of the sights we were looking forward to. I will be glad to get off the ship tomorrow and see something besides food.

In talking with our waiter at dinner we were told that there were several retired couples on board that had been with the ship for five months. It seems they are using the Radiance as an assisted living facility — no kidding. One couple is getting around with one of those electric scooters. She told us that this couple had been on another ship prior to the Radiance and took a two month hiatus from cruising prior to joining the Radiance. Just imagine going up and down the coast of Alaska several times. How many times can you see Sitka?

Well it’s off to the Hollywood Odyssey and then to bed. I have to be up at 0630 hours tomorrow for breakfast and then assembly for our shore excursion to Acapulco.
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