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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Panama Canal Cruise — September 30, 2010 – Day Seven

Another at sea day as we cruise towards Puntarenas on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This will be my fourth time in beautiful Costa Rice. The other three times I was there on a working assignment for the U.S. Trade and Development agency doing airport surveys.

Nothing much to do except recuperate from yesterday’s white water rafting experience. I finally got our shoes dry by enlisting the aid of the in-room hair dryer. It looks like the shoes will be as good as new.

We did not do to well at the trivia game, but we are still in second place. Once again we missed a few of those bang your forehead with the palm of your hand questions. Who hosted the Academy Awards show eight and eighteen times? We got Billy Crystal, but missed Bob Hope. Yes, I know you knew the answer. Can you name the 18 rooms in the old and new versions of the game of Clue? What are the seven wonders of the modern world? These are a few of the questions we missed. What was Charlie Chaplin’s first talking picture? (I knew) What are the most common elements in the universe? Oh well better luck at the next game.

Kathy and I played another trivia game with two ladies we met in the Schooner Bar. This game was “Name That Tune – Big Band Era”. I thought we could do fairly well on this one. Again we blew an easy one that would have given us a win. Instead of writing down Sing, Sing, Sing for the big Gene Kruppa hit we wrote Swing, Swing, Swing. Yet another loss by missing and easy question.

You may think all we do on these cruises is play trivia. No, that’s not all we do. We also eat, sleep, go to the pool and wander the ship making friends. Trivia is just a pastime where we can play a game as a family and then argue with each other why they didn’t use the answer someone proposed. It makes for good fun.

There’s not much to Blog about today and no new photos to share. Tomorrow will be a good day with photos and text. I will tell you all you wanted to know about coffee when we return from or visit to the coffee plantation.

Click here to view an updated version of my Panama Canal Gallery.

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