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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Royal Caribbean Panama Canal Cruise Adventure - September 25, 2010 – Day Two

After a fairly good night’s sleep we arose to what we thought was 0730, but in fact was 0830 as we moved into the Mountain Time Zone during the night. Also we forgot to put out the breakfast menu so we did not have breakfast in the room. So it was off to the Windjammer once again.

There was a great selection of items for breakfast ranging from tradition bacon, eggs and hash browns to boutique omelets and fruit bowls, something for everyone. Being a traditional person I choose sausage, eggs and hash browns. Too much food, too much cholesterol. I will have to cut back to salads and fruit.

We sat with an English couple from San Diego and had a very nice conversation. They had been on many cruises and were loyal to RCCL. It’s odd how the works out. It’s like airline mileage. If you stick with one carrier you will accumulate points or miles faster and get something for your loyalty. If you bounce around from carrier to carrier you really get nothing. Most of the cruise lines begin giving away some pretty good discounts and special services when you get up to three or more cruises.

Today was an “at sea day”. This means you are between ports of call and the ship is at sea and it’s an opportunity to spend your money shopping on board or at the spa. Most people use these days for their spa treatments like facials, messages, pedicures and the likes.

Since this was a foggy day at sea and I did not have a spa appointment I wandered the ship taking photos. I tried to cover all of the public rooms but there are a few I still need to get to. The captain explained that the fog was caused by the sea being the same temperature (61 degrees) and that it would dissipate as we neared Cabo San Lucas, our first port of call, where the expected temperature would be 91 degrees. He also told us we were making 21 knots (24 miles) per hour over 4,000 feet of water. This is an example of the little announcements we get from the bridge.

Without too much to do I joined the girls in the Schooner Bar for the progressive trivia game. The progressive trivia is played on “at sea” days and is just what it says — a progressive game of international trivia wher each day there is a winner, but the points are totaled at the end of the cruise to see who the grand champion is. The name of our team is the “Kruzers” and we won today’s game. Let’s see how we will do for the remainder of the cruise, the competition is pretty tough, especially the Aussies.

After trivia we had some lunch and then I went back to the cabin to watch some football — yes football, how about that — on the TV. I hope the NFL will be on tomorrow as I am not taking any shore excursions to Cabo San Lucas — been there and once is enough for me. Besides they are predicting 91 degrees with showers and high humidity — no thanks.

Tonight we will try our first meal in the dining room at our window seat. It’s a “formal” night, but I am not a formal person so I will go with a white polo under my black jacket and see what happens. Right now I have to stop and see if I can get a good shot of the sunset.

We finally made it to the dining room and our window seat where we met Victor and Vinnie, our waiter and assistant waiter. The diner was good, the ladies had the beef and opted for the salmon. Both were very good and of course we had dessert.

After dinner we spent time in the Colony Club playing another one of those cruise games. This one was where you were supposed to guess the person with four clues. 10 points if you got it on the first clue, 5 the second, 3 the third and 1 for the fourth. We came in second this time.

Now its off to the Hollywood Odyssey for Jack Daniels and a Romeo & Juliet cigar and to finish this post. Tomorrow we will be in Cabo San Lucas.

Don’t forget to click here to view a gallery of photos from our cruise. It will updated each day.

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