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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is Donald Trump Good For The Republican Party

"All rational action is in the first place individual action. Only the individual thinks. Only the individual reasons. Only the individual acts." — Ludwig Von Mises

One of my favorite Tom Clancy novels is his 1997 “Executive Orders”. For those of you not familiar with this 874 page 1.2 pound political thriller here is a brief synopsis.

At the end of "Debt of Honor" a JAL 747 piloted by a disgruntled Japanese pilot who lost his son in combat actions against the United States slams into a Joint Session of Congress, pretty much wiping out the American government and suddenly putting Jack Ryan into the Presidency.

Jack Ryan is sworn in as President of the United States minutes afterExecutiveorders becoming Vice-President. With most of Congress, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military, much of the senior staff of the Executive Office of the President, the Supreme Court, and all but two members of the Cabinet dead in the terrorist attack, Ryan is left to represent the United States virtually all by himself. This novel follows Ryan as he deals with various hardships and crises, ranging from domestic and foreign policy, to reconstituting the House and Senate, a challenge to his legitimacy by his Vice-Presidential predecessor, scandal-tainted Ed Kealty, and a brewing war in the Middle East.

When the President of Iraq is assassinated by an Iranian member of his own security detail, the leader of Iran (Ayatollah Mahmoud Haji Daryaei) takes advantage of the power vacuum and launches an unopposed invasion of Iraq, uniting the two countries into one called the United Islamic Republic (UIR).

With assistance from India and the People's Republic of China, the UIR plans to transform itself into a superpower by conquering Saudi Arabia. Following a series of Iranian-backed terrorist attacks designed to cripple the United States, including a failed kidnap attempt on Ryan's youngest daughter and a bio-warfare attack using a new Iranian-developed airborne strain of the extremely lethal Ebola virus, the UIR goes to war against Saudi and Kuwaiti forces. Meanwhile, Iran's ally China 'accidentally' shoots down a Taiwanese airliner.

Ryan restricts interstate travel, declares martial law and closes schools and businesses to contain the virus. The bio-war attack sputters out; Ebola is a virus that tends toward fierce yet limited outbreaks. The travel restrictions derail the attempt by two mountain men anarchists' assassination attempt. During a routine police check at a truck stop, one of the anarchists panics, drawing police attention to their unusual truck.

In a matter of days, with the combined strength of the Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian and American forces, the tide is turned in the battle with UIR. At the same time, President Ryan sends Ding Chavez and John Clark on a secret mission. They infiltrate Iran and facilitate the assassination of Ayatollah Daryaei. During the outbreak of the bio-war, an assassination attempt by an Iranian sleeper agent within the U.S. Secret Service is foiled. During a press conference, President Ryan shows the destruction of Daryaei's residence on live national television. Ryan threatens to bomb bio-warfare targets in Tehran unless the surviving people responsible for the attacks are extradited to America to face charges.

Disgraced Former Vice President Kealty's challenge to President Ryan's legitimacy fails in court. In the aftermath of the crisis, appreciation of the unelected President grows. President Ryan decides he will seek reelection — which he does in Clancy’s next book “Rainbow Six”

"Executive Orders" is a story well told, and what is important about it today is not just what it says about what might happen in the days to come, but what it says about us as Americans. Clancy's books touch on all aspects of our current situation and not just the acts of terrorists. Clancy portrays his protagonist, Jack Ryan, as a strong leader who can make decisions to protect the nation. Throughout the book Clancy brings in little tidbits of Ryan’s conservative principles and his willingness to take the liberal press head on. He believes what he says and says what he believes — no spin just straight talk.

In the book Ryan appoints 9 new justices to the Supreme Court, all selected from senior positions on appellate courts with records of strict constructionism. He also campaigns for congressmen and Senators who are businessmen and women, engineers, farmers, financial experts and ex-military. He eschews candidates who are professional politicians or bureaucrats. I think Ryan would have supported the Tea Party and the Tea Party would have supported Ryan.

Today we have a new Ryanesque face in the Republican Party. He is not well liked by the elite professional politicians or the pundits. He is a man who fearlessly speaks his mind and is willing to take on the press, the pundits and his critics. I am in no way disparaging either Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann when I say this as they seem to be made of the same cloth. The difference is that the left has and will so viciously attack and demonize them I find it had to see them winning a national election.

One of my favorite bloggers, Robin of Berkley, writes in American Thinker; “I love Sarah. Michele Bachmann is, to me, a gift to humankind. In fact, I like most of the potential conservative candidates for president.”

“However, my number one choice for the Republican candidate for President? Donald Trump — or a Trump-like man. A strong man; that is, someone willing to get into the ring and get his hands dirty. A Street Fighting Man.”

“Now it pains me enormously to admit this. Up until three years ago, I was a progressive, and a big fan of identity politics. In fact, I gave some of my hard-earned money to Hillary Clinton's campaign, in part, because she's a woman.”

“I've changed since then and no longer vote along gender or ethnic lines. However, my eschewing identity politics isn't the reason I support someone like Trump. It's because conservatives need someone who can go head-to-head with Obama — and win. We don't need a David against their Goliath. We need a Goliath of our own.”

“Certainly, there are many strong female politicians out there, the so-called Mama Grizzlies. Some of them, for instance, Gov. Jan Brewer, have bigger cojones than many of the conservative pols. The question is not whether or not these women are formidable. It's whether they could win.”

“My opinion is no, and for one simple reason: because of what the left does to women.”

“I've written about the subject several times — how the left has a long and sordid history of abusing women, both then and now. Sarah Palin has been subjected to a high tech wilding, replete with verbal rape and sexual objectification. Just recently Bill Maher called her the "C" word with no apparent consequences.”

“The left degrades and menaces any woman who stands in their way. Bachmann's abuse has already started, and it will get even worse should she run for President.”

“However, it's not just conservative women that the left will eat alive. It is any nice guy or gal, anyone who plays by the rules. Mitt Romney, that wholesome Mormon; Tim Pawlenty, the soft spoken Midwesterner; Paul Ryan, the brainiac; Huckabee, the pious. Obama and his henchman will chew them up for breakfast and spit them out before noon.”

“Why? Because Obama and his people do not play by the rules; they make up their own rules as they go along. Take, for instance, how Obama and his compatriots won this election.”

“A documentary entitled We Will Not Be Silenced describes in painstaking detail what many of us knew all along: that there was widespread chicanery during the presidential primary. The left enlisted hoodlums like the New Black Panthers — and then protected them afterwards.”

Robin continues; “Now Trump is different from Obama in some fundamental ways. Trump wouldn't park himself at the helm of the UN. He's not going to assemble a cabal of creepy czars. But Trump can be powerful in his own right.”

“The Donald has money and fame — and a tenacious competitive spirit. And he does not take well to being dissed or controlled.”

“Not only does Trump do a stellar job of defending himself when under enemy fire, he's willing to go on the offensive. Notice how Trump didn't back down after The View's Whoopie Goldberg insinuated that he's a racist.”

“In fact, Trump went on to confront that other black icon, Bill Cosby. Who among the other potential candidates would have had the guts to do such a thing? And yet Trump's continual hammering on the left, Alinsky-style, has so confused and overwhelmed them that Trump has apparently inoculated himself from the racist label.”

“Trump isn't the only Street Fighting Man out there. Gov. Chris Christie, Congressman (and Lt. Colonel) Allen West, and businessman Herman Cain could also take on the Herculean task of defeating Obama. All these tough guys are bold, straight shooters who've been deep down in the trenches.”

“This is why Donald Trump, or someone Trump-like, is what the conservatives need. He has already shown that he'll get up every time someone throws him a punch.”

“Sarah, Newt, Huckabee, and Mitt — all capable and affable. None of them, however, is a force to be reckoned with. If you're trapped in a burning vehicle, you want the strongest and biggest and toughest guy to save you. And this country is crashing and burning just as surely as that flaming vehicle.”

“Trump may not have the sunniest personality. He may have more bad hair days than good. However, he doesn't show fear — and therefore weakness -— when the left's pit bulls go on the attack.”

“That's why I hope that someone like Trump, a Street Fighting Man, will throw his hat into the ring. “

“Yes, Sarah and Michele and Mike Huckabee are as nice as can be. But when it comes to challenging the Obama machine, nice guys and gals will finish last.” [Source; Robin of Berkley in American Thinker]

I agree with Robin of Berkley. I have written that the Republican Party has yet to stand up and take on the left-wing press, progressive elites and Democrat demagogues. They have allowed the left, with their Alinsky tactics control the dialog — a dialog that goes for most part unchallenged unless you watch Fox News, read the conservative news sites or listen to the conservative radio talkers like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine or Andrew Wilkow. For the most part the mainstream media, where the majority of Americans get their news from, is hostile to conservative politicians.

It’s time for the Republican Party to put forth a tough, straight talking, presidential candidate who can take on the media and Obama — and win. WE don’t need another “my friends” John McCain, who was publically respected by the media for his war service yet who could not draw a crowd or generate campaign contributions without Sarah Palin.

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