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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

“One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” — Niccolo Machiavelli

Today is Earth Day, a day conceived to celebrate the earth, or as the lefties and environmental fascist like to call it “Gaia.”

Earth Day was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, a staunch environmentalist who hoped to provide unity to the grassroots environmental movement and increase ecological awareness. "The objective was to get a nationwide demonstration of concern for the environment so large that it would shake the political establishment out of its lethargy," Senator Nelson said, "and, finally, force this issue permanently onto the national political agenda." Earth Day indeed increased environmental awareness in America, and in July of that year the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by special executive order to regulate and enforce national pollution legislation.

Earth Day, is an event to increase public awareness of the world's environmental problems and will be celebrated in the United States by millions of Americans, including students from thousands of colleges and universities who will participate in rallies, marches, educational programs — and no doubt demonstrations against capitalism.

Before Earth Day we used to celebrate Arbor Day, a day devoted to planting trees and beautification of our environment. A May 5, 2009 editorial in The Washington Times contrasted Arbor Day with Earth Day, claiming that Arbor Day was a happy, non-political celebration of trees, whereas Earth Day was a pessimistic, political ideology that portrayed humans in a negative light.

An editorial in the same Washington Times dated April 19, 2011 and titled “Happy Hippie Day” states;

“Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. More important to many is that it’s also Earth Day, the annual gala that’s taken on the trappings of a pagan religious holiday. At some level, it’s good to celebrate Earth, the source of life and home of humanity. After all, we have to live somewhere. Environmentalists, however, seem divided between those who venerate the planet as a deity and those who think it’s so fragile that it must be saved from everyone but themselves.”

“Newsweek magazine dismissed the first Earth Day in 1970 as “a bizarre nationwide rain dance.” The only difference between then and now is that the rain dancers moved into the government and pushed their views on impressionable school children around the world. The Environmental Protection Agency website encourages kids to “Join with other teens to green your energy scene,” because nothing says “cool” quite like earning the EPA’s coveted title of “Climate Ambassador.” Instead of a “rain dance,” kids can help save the planet by downloading a rap tune by bureaucrats with inspiring lyrics like:”

“…Earth Day has become inextricably linked with global-warming mania. Al Gore - a man with one of the largest carbon footprints in the world – recently likened the struggle to reduce emissions to the civil-rights movement. This is in keeping with the sanctimonious tone that usually accompanies Earth Day proclamations. To the radical greens, it’s a day for humanity to engage in self-abasement, bow before the altar of Gaia and apologize for the offense against nature of simply being alive. It’s a day to conjure fears, preach limits and condemn the capitalist system that created a country wealthy enough to indulge these shiftless hippies in the first place.”

A perfect example of the condemnation of our capitalism is what the school children in a Tennessee elementary school are doing to promote Earth Day. From Fox Nation comes this video of young students singing an earth day song at the Riverwood Elementary School in Tennessee. The song contains lyrics like “Recycle, bicycle, don’t drive by yourself / don’t buy those plastic products on the supermarket shelf“ and ”Boycott, petition, let the big business know / that if we mess it up here, there’s no else we can go.

Children at the Riverwood school singing he Earth Day song

On another front Marks and Spencer, in the UK, is promoting a carbon neutral bra – that’s right a carbon neutral bra. The UK Telegraph reports; “The Marks and Spencer (M&S) lingerie set, that will be available online, was made in an 'eco factory' in Sri Lanka where energy has been reduced a third through measures like making sure all lighting is from the sun or low energy light bulbs.”

“It is powered by hydroelectricity produced on a nearby river and solar panelsbra-carbon-620_1870618a on the roof.”

“The rest of the carbon dioxide produced in making the bra will be offset by planting 6,000 trees in the community every year. Most of the trees will be native to Sri Lanka, therefore boosting wildlife. A quarter will be fruit trees that can generate money for the local community.”

“The Carbon Trust Footprinting Certification Company has calculated the carbon used in making the bra and will monitor the project to ensure emissions are cut.”

“The scheme will also help wildlife. Sri Lanka's forests are home to approximately 90 per cent of the country's endemic species but are disappearing at a rate of 1.6 per cent per year.”

I have worked in Sri Lanka and during this time I had several dinners with my client, shoes wife was a manager at one of Victoria Secrets lingerie plants near the Colombo Airport. I can tell that the last thing the people of this island nation are concerned about is carbon-neutral bras. They are much more concerned about improving their lives and ending the ongoing conflict with the Tamil Tigers. This is just another way for, as the Washington Times editorial says; “it’s a day for humanity to engage in self-abasement, bow before the altar of Gaia and apologize for the offense against nature of simply being alive.”

This environmental tyranny began with the publishing of Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” in 1962. The book was a best seller, and public reaction to it launched the modern environmental movement in the United States. The year after it appeared, President Kennedy ordered his Science Advisory Committee to investigate Carson's claims. The report the committee issued added up to a fairly thorough vindication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring thesis." DDT became a prime target of the growing anti-chemical and anti-pesticide movements, and in 1967 a group of scientists and lawyers founded the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) with the specific goal of winning a ban on DDT. Victor Yannacone, Charles Wurster, Art Cooley and others associated with inception of EDF had all witnessed bird kills or declines in bird populations and suspected that DDT was the cause. In their campaign against the chemical, EDF petitioned the government for a ban and filed a series of lawsuits. Around this time, toxicologist David Peakall was measuring DDT levels in the eggs of peregrine falcons and California condors and finding that increased levels corresponded with thinner shells.

In response to an EDF suit, the U.S. District Court of Appeals in 1971 ordered the EPA to begin the de-registration procedure for DDT. After an initial six-month review process, William Ruckelshaus, the Agency's first Administrator rejected an immediate suspension of DDT's registration, citing studies from the EPA's internal staff stating that DDT was not an imminent danger to human health and wildlife. However, the findings of these staff members were criticized, as they were performed mostly by economic entomologists inherited from the United States Department of Agriculture, whom many environmentalists felt were biased towards agribusiness and tended to minimize concerns about human health and wildlife. The decision not to ban thus created public controversy.

The EPA then held seven months of hearings in 1971–1972, with scientists giving evidence both for and against the use of DDT. In the summer of 1972, Ruckelshaus announced the cancellation of most uses of DDT—an exemption allowed for public health uses under some conditions. Immediately after the cancellation was announced, both EDF and the DDT manufacturers filed suit against the EPA, with the industry seeking to overturn the ban, and EDF seeking a comprehensive ban. The cases were consolidated, and in 1973 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the EPA had acted properly in banning DDT.

Since the ban on DDT it is estimated that 30 million children in Africa have died from Malaria, Dengue Fever and other mosquito-borne diseases not to mention the people in Sri Lanka, where there is a constant battle against Dengue Fever. The people of Sri Lanka would much rather have Marks and Spencer eradicate mosquitos than plant trees and use low energy light bulbs.

As stated above Carson’s book and the EDF began today’s environmental movement. It did not take long for the lefties, socialists, communists and fellow travelers to realize that they had the perfect vehicle to advance their anti-capitalist agenda. Over the years they have gained power through the advancement of the environmental movement to the point of turning the movement into a tyranny that regulates every aspect of our society. They have done this through indoctrination of our children through control of the text books, films, left-wing politicians and the courts where they have been granted automatic standing. Countless infrastructure projects have been delayed for years or canceled due to the numerous suits filed by the “greens.”

In the UK environmentalists are compared to a watermelon – green on outside and red on the inside. Today’s environmental movement is much more political than it is conservational. It is a vehicle for left-wing, anti-capitalists politicians to push their progressive, socialist agenda than it is for saving the planet. Gaia can take care of herself – we, the humans, are the ones who are in danger from the tyranny of the social progressives and the EPA.

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  1. This environmental tyranny began with the publishing of Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” in 1962.

    And that book has been required reading nearly ever since for those in college or even in high school. Imprinting young minds with fallacies and fears.