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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miscellaneous Items

Well it’s another hot day in Menifee with the thermometer broaching the 100 degree mark.  So what can I do but sit in my air conditioned house, pay money to Southern California Edison, wait for a blackout and blog.

New Movie About Valerie Plame – Remember Her?

According to NewsBusters there is a new movie coming out in November about the Valerie Plame incident. The only way we even know the name of Valerie Plame (and fame seeking hubby Joe Wilson) is that that former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage leaked her name as a CIA officer to columnist Robert Novak. That is what set in motion the long drawn out Plamegate affair in which only Scooter Libby was convicted of something other than leaking her name. So you would figure that the supposedly biographical movie scheduled for a November USA release about Plame, “Fair Game”, would feature Armitage front and center as the principal villain. Right? Wrong!. The fact is that "Fair Game" has tossed Richard Armitage down the memory hole. The man who is responsible for the reason that any of us even know who about Valerie Plame appears nowhere in the extensive IMDB cast credits for this movie. For two reasons I will not waste my money on this is movie, (1), Its not true to the facts, and (2) it stars Sean Penn.
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What the Democratic Underground says about Dick Cheney’s Cardiac Problems

There hasn't been this much sick gloating at the Democratic Underground since Jerry Farwell passed away. The cause of the latest DU outbreak of venom is the news about former Vice-President Dick Cheney's heart problems. The DU administrator, David Allen, recently posted absurdly detailed rules about what one can say about Barack Obama but apparently it is open season to indulge in venomous hate there when it comes to conservatives such as Dick Cheney.

Here are just a few of the poison pen tidbits posted by DUers on the subject of the health of Dick Cheney:
  •   The mother f---er should have his bones picked by Vultures
  •   I hope Dick is in pain and drowning in his own fluids.
  •  don't worry, he'll shoot someone in the face and then steal their heart while they are writhing in pain from the buck shot.
  •  I hope he dies a slow death. The amount of pain due that man would be no where close to what he deserves.

Please note how tolerant the liberals are! At least Cheney never drove his car into Chesapeake Bay allowing his mistress to drown while he hid under the bed. This is just another example unwashed ghouls sitting in their pajamas in their parents basement blogging on the computer. I challenge you to find a conservative site with such foul and obscene comments. This is just another reason to dislike liberals. Most of them are foul mouthed kool aid drinkers.

News from Afghanistan

According Fox News and AP four U.S. troops were killed in fighting in eastern and southern Afghanistan today, and a former guerrilla leader who battled Soviet invaders decades ago was killed by a roadside bomb in the country's north. Three of the U.S. casualties died in insurgent attacks and one was killed by a homemade bomb, NATO said.

The deaths bring the number of international forces killed in Afghanistan this month to 42, including 28 Americans, according to a count by The Associated Press. Sixty-six American troops were killed in July, making it the deadliest month for U.S. forces in Afghanistan since the 2001 invasion. The exact places where the casualties occurred were not given, although heavy fighting was reported in Jaji district of eastern Paktiya province, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the border with Pakistan.

This brings the total of U.S deaths in this God forsaken country to 1,241 with 407 being victims of IEDs. (Operation Enduring Freedom – Casualties). The bulk of the casualties are attributed to Helmand and Kandahar provinces in the southwestern part of the country. The large number of (33%) deaths due to IEDs is an abomination. I heard one unverified report that the U.S. soldiers were not allowed to wear sunglasses as these would be an insult to their Afghan hosts. It must be difficult riding in those lightly armored Humvees to spot signs of roadside IEDs with no eye protection to reduce the glare from a blazing sun.

Today President Hamid Karzai as ordered all private security contractors out of Afghanistan in the next four months. These contractors are needed to gaud convoys, supply bases and protect the construction contractors using your tax dollars to rebuild that tribal, feudal, opium poppy producing country.

Retired Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal policy was to “win hearts and minds through local development projects. Over time, with enough U.S. troops, the population will come to feel protected and the insurgents will be marginalized.” How on God’s green earth can you rebuild a country when the builders are under constant threat and their materials are being high jacked?

We have been fighting in Afghanistan for almost ten years and have made little if no progress. The rules of engagement favor the insurgents and Taliban, not our troops or contractors. Our NATO allies are not on the same page due to political pressure from their politicians and voters at home. The news media is forever looking for some excuse to defame our soldiers and the public in the U.S. is getting war weary. This war will go on forever. The Afghans are Muslims and they don’t care how long it takes or how many casualties they have to drive the western powers out. They have been fighting the western civilized powers for hundreds of years and a few more make little difference to them. They just want to Crusaders out.

We will never win in Afghanistan. Unlike Iraq, that had some connection to a civilized history dating back to Hammurabi, Afghanistan has been a tribal society for hundreds of years. We can’t even bomb them into the Stone Age – they are still there. It’s time we pulled out of Afghanistan and let them kill each other. Not one more soldier should die in this place nor should one more tax dollar be spent there.

Oh, you ask, what about Afghanistan being used as a base for terrorist attacks against the United States and the Europe. We can use our advanced military technology and covert operators to take out a possible training site when we discover one.

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