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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Mexican Drug Wars

Fox News and AP reported today that the decapitated bodies of four men were found hanging from a bridge Sunday in the central Mexican city of Cuernavaca. This city, a popular weekend resort for the people of Mexico City, has been besieged by fighting between two drug lords.

Cuernavaca has become a battleground for control of the Beltran Leyva cartel since its leader, Arturo Beltran Leyva, was killed there in a December shootout with marines. Mexican authorities say the cartel split between a faction led by Hector Beltran Leyva, brother of Arturo, and another led by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, a U.S.-born kingpin known as "the Barbie.

The message left with the bodies threatened: "This is what will happen to all those who support the traitor Edgar Valdez Villarreal." Authorities said the four men had been kidnapped days earlier. The family of one of the men reported the abduction to police.

The McClatchy News Service reports that over 22,000 people have been killed in the past three years as a result of the Mexican drug wars. President Felipe Calderon's aides won't confirm the report, and some political analysts have seized on the lack of transparency as an element in the Mexican leader's difficulties in rallying the nation in the campaign against heavily armed narcotics syndicates.

These drug wars are much worse than the drug wars between the Medellín and Cali drug cartels in Columbia. We do not have an accurate count of the police, mayors and judges killed by these Mexican cartels, but it is estimated to be in the thousands. Mexico is a lawless country and Calderon, the federal and local police or the army seems able to stop the drug cartels. They own Mexico. This violence has been crossing our borders in Texas and Arizona and our federal government and the Obama administration is doing very little to stop these incursions. Deputy Sheriffs have been ambushed and ranchers murdered in Arizona. Cross border shots have been fired into the windows of the University of Texas at Brownsville and at Border Patrol Agents.

Every week thousands of pounds of marijuana and cocaine are carried across the bolder by illegal immigrants under the surveillance of armed smugglers and coyotes. In Arizona there are wildlife refuges 80 miles north of the border that are posted to warn travelers not to enter for fear of their lives. The I-10 corridor between Tucson and Phoenix is one of the most dangerous sections of interstate highway in the United States, not for traffic, but because of armed drug smugglers.

The politicians in Washington D.C. do nothing to secure our southern border for fear of alienating Hispanic voters. President Calderon visits the United States and lectures us on our immigration policies to a standing ovation from the Democrat side of the aisle. This is the same president who can’t secure his own nation from the lawlessness of the drug cartels who are running his country.

Liberals and Libertarians will claim that the war on drugs is failing and a waste of time. They argue for the legalization of drugs, especially marijuana. In Los Angeles a few weeks ago the DEA and police raided pot shops that were selling illegal, tainted marijuana from Mexico. Our insatiable appetite for drugs fuels the wars and violence in Mexico.

We suffer a barrage of anecdotal stories in the media about the poor Mexican who only wants work or the family being deported while the anchor baby gets to stay. As heartbreaking as these stories are meant to be they are not the real story. The real story is the cost this failed immigration policy is creating on the states and the deaths it is causing in Mexico.

This isn’t about drugs, it’s about war. We are at war with our southern neighbor, a war over illegal immigration and drug smuggling. No nation in the world would allow this type of invasion to happen. Just imagine if thousands of armed Canadians were crossing our border each week or if it was the armed Chinese who were invading our country. I am sure we would look at things very differently. We have a liberal, Democrat and union sponsored Hispanic lobby in this country that wants nothing more than to recruit these immigrants to the Democrat Party to ensure that they will remain in power.

In 1969 César Chávez led marchers of the United Farm Workers through the Imperial and Coachella Valleys of California to protest the use of illegal immigrants by the farmers in the region. Chávez believed, and rightly so, that this was a method to break the back of the UFW. Chávez wanted good wages for his legal and documented UFW members and the big farmers wanted to use the illegals because they were cheaper.

Fast forward to today and we have the UFW supporting illegal immigration to the detriment of their members. We have the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) doing the same. Many of the hotel and restaurant workers, especially in Las Vegas, are members of the SEIU and the union takes their dues to support the Democrat Party to support illegal immigration. These very same illegals will now work for less than the SEIU members. How much kool aid can a group of people drink. They are so brainwashed by the Democrat Party they cannot see the damage being done them For fifty cents an hour more they will give up their job to an illegal immigrant.

Big business and big farming is not clean either. Big farms will bring in bus loads of day workers to bring in the harvest and not ask any questions on the legality of the workers. Big food processing companies, like Tyson, do the same. Even home owners and small contractors are not clean. They hire gardeners and nannies without concern for their legality. Contractors go to big box stores like Home Depot to hire day workers with caring about their documentation. We all have to take on some of the blame for this problem

As long as we look for cheap labor without concern for documentation this problem will not get any better. The costs for the entitlements and the drain on our social services will continue to grow. The lawlessness on our border will increase along with the drug trade from Mexico. This problem can only be fixed by first securing our border against drug smugglers and illegal immigrations. Once that is done our politicians have to come up with a political solution for the illegals in the country that is acceptable to the American people, not the unions, Hispanic lobbing groups, the business groups and the Democrat Party.

If the Mexicans want to kill each other over the drug trade let them. We need to put armed troops on our borders with live ammunition to secure this Republic. If we don’t we will lose our culture, language and sovereignty.

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