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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I’m Tired of Being Called a Racist

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." — Dr. Samuel Johnson

In Boswell's Life of Johnson the author quoted he noted author, critic and lexicographer Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784) as claiming that Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. While there are many views and opinions on what patriotism is or is not Johnson’s quote is oft used to decry anyone who believes in their country.

Scoundrels throughout history have used patriotism as a raison d'être for their tyranny and excesses. Today this quote should be changed to say “Racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Today Scoundrels and idiots claim racism for just about anyone who takes a position contrary to their own. The latest examples of this are statements by Chris Matthews on MSNBC and the Congressional Black Caucus pertaining to the Tea Party.

It appears that unless every white person in this country votes for Barack Obama next November, Chris Matthews will believe it's because they're racist.

On this weekend's syndicated program bearing his name, the host smelled racism in the declining number of whites supporting the President. Matthews stated:

“First up, the very fact of President Barack Obama is a resounding affirmation these two generations later of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream. It was 48 years ago today that Dr. King talked of an America that could truly be called a shining city on a hill. That dream seemed to be coming true three years ago today when the newly-nominated Barack Obama wove the promise of Dr. King into his appeal for the votes of all Americans.

Obama went on to win 43 percent of white votes in that fall’s election, and that may sound low but Democrats really never win a white majority. Bill Clinton got 43 percent of votes, of white votes back in ’96. Al Gore got just 42 percent, and John Kerry got only 41 percent of white votes in 2004. So Obama’s 43 percent of white votes in 2008 was on the high end.”

Exactly. Obama got more white votes as a percentage than Gore and Kerry, and the same as the incumbent Clinton, but Matthews can't reach the logical conclusion that this means racism wasn't a factor in the 2008 elections; if it was, Obama should have received less white votes than recent white candidates.

Unfortunately, as the goal of liberal media members is always to paint conservatives as racists, Matthews opted to present typical left-wing talking points rather than the obvious:

Then Matthews said:

“But last November’s shellacking of Democrats in the midterm elections came with a dramatic retreat. White voters deserted Democrats running for Congress. Democrats actually got only 37 percent of white votes last November – 37 percent.

It’s all very worrying for the Obama reelection campaign because in the most recent NBC poll, he, the president, is down to just 36 percent of whites.

So, in 2008, Obama got more white votes as a percentage than white candidates Kerry and Gore in the two preceding presidential elections, but his current lack of white support is because of racism.”

Nowhere in the next nine minutes — as he and his guests discussed how Republicans are going to use race in the upcoming campaign — was there any discussion about why Obama has lost support of white voters.

Could it have something to do with his performance the past 31-plus months? Seems like a logical question, doesn't it?

But that wasn't important to this discussion. Neither was a recent Gallup pollMatthews_2 finding that black support for Obama has dropped from 95 percent to 81 percent.

Have fourteen percent of African-Americans suddenly started hating African-Americans, or is there something about Obama's policies that is turning them off too?

This also wasn't discussed. Instead, Matthews and his guests spent over half the program talking about white racism and how it's going to impact the 2012 elections.

For liberal media members like these, any white person that doesn't vote for Obama next November is a racist. Which means that white people need to prepare themselves for constant accusations of racism in the next fourteen-plus months.

With unemployment guaranteed to remain high, and the economy teetering on a double-dip recession, the President isn't going to be able to run on his record.

This means his minions in the media are going to be playing the race card at every turn — they've got nothing else in their hand. Click here to read more and view video on News Busters.

In another case the members of the Congressional Black Caucus have called people who believe in small government and fiscal responsibility and profess a following of the Tea Party racists. “This is war” said Andre Carson the CBC whip. As the members of the CBC travel to cities such as Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles Carson is urging the CBC to declare war on the Tea Party. He said the Tea Party wants to lynch blacks and he calls for bank runs and civil unrest in their neighborhood and homes.

I can understand the rantings of Chris Matthews on the MSNBC, but the members of the Congressional Black Caucus are all federal officials having sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. How dare they threaten citizens with terror tactics because they do not agree with their policies or those of Barack Obama?

Here is what Allen West, a member of the CBC, had to say about Carson’s remarks.

First of all the so called Tea Party is not a political party, it’s a movement of people who have a similar philosophical position of how large government should be, how much they should spend and what regulations should be imposed upon the citizens of the nation. There is no one leader, there is no official party platform, and there are no candidates running under the Tea Party banner. There are just citizens of a like mind with like goals for the direction the country should take. They are all citizens like you and me.

Yes, various Tea Party organizations like the Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, Tea Party 365, and Project 21 support Republican or Democrat candidates if those candidates stand for the principles espoused by the members. It should be pointed out at this point that David Webb, the spokesman for Tea Party 365, is a black conservative talk show host and all of the members of Project 21 are black conservatives. How can these folks be racists? It’s silly isn’t it?

I am sick and tired of being called a racist every time I do not agree with the policies of President Obama or of those of left-wing progressives and liberals. Because you are for a sound fiscal government, less onerous regulations, government by fiat, lower taxes, and personal responsibility does not make you a racist. Also if you are against Gay marriage you are not a bigot or a homophobe. Because I am against illegal immigration I am not against Mexicans or Hispanics. It is the actions, policies, and philosophies I am against, not the person’s race, gender, nationality or sexual preference.

On the other hand I support the policies and philosophies people like Herman Cain, Allan West and Tim Scott, all black politicians. I would vote for ant one of them. How can this be racist?

As stated above this will be a horrible election season. White people need to prepare themselves for constant accusations of racism in the next fourteen-plus months. To paraphrase Dr. Johnson, Racism will be the last refuge of a political scoundrel or a failed politician.

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