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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can The Democrats Commit Hate Crimes?

“We must face the fact that the preservation of individual freedom is incompatible with a full satisfaction of our views of distributive justice.” — Friedrich August von Hayek

Not too long ago, the Left was going apoplectic about a Sarah Palin-affiliated website showing a map of targeted congressional seats denoted by crosshair symbols. MSNBC in particular was strong in condemning violent rhetoric in politics, suggesting that conservative rhetoric in particular could incite crazies to violence.

We all know what happened to Rush Limbaugh when he made a remark about the pro-abortion advocate Sandra Fluke and Don Imus when he made remarks about an African-American women’s basketball team. They were branded as racists and deemed guilty of hate speech by the mainstream media.

Any time a conservative makes a remark about African-Americans, even Black writers like Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell and Asian-American bloggers like Michelle Malkin, the left-wing and mainstream media goes ballistic. They want their shows cancelled and a boycott of their blogs. They have zero tolerance for free speech on the right.

On the other hand a liberal or Democrat draws a pass on anything they say, not matter how vile or racist. Jesse Jackson can call New York City “Hymietown” and draw little fire from the press. Union leaders like Jimmy Hoffa can call Republicans “Son of Bitches” while introducing Obama at a speaking event and Obama will not rebuke him and even state that he is proud of Hoffa.

Every time a liberal is taken to task by a conservative pundit the liberal will fall back on some moral equivalency to defend the hate speech of the liberal. This is the double standard in the mainstream media.

The latest example of this happened a t a union rally in South Carolina where the Governor, Nikki Haley, was attacked for her Indian heritage. If you556px-NikkiHaley haven’t seen it yet, Newsbusters has the video of South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna DeWitt beating the hell out of a piñata with a picture of Nikki Haley taped to it. The union crowd cheers her on. Note the violence exhibited by the union lackey smashing Haley’s image with the baseball bat. This far surpasses the so-called violence of Sarah Palin’s targets on congressional districts, yet the mainstream media sees no need to report this. After all it’s a Democrat perpetrating the violence on a conservative Republican minority and that’s perfectly okay.

This comes just days after Phil Bailey of the South Carolina Democratic Party called Nikki Haley a “sikh Jesus” multiple times on Twitter.

Were Nikki Haley a Democrat, the media would make this the front page story across the nation — racist tea partiers beating up the minority governor in effigy.

But no, Nikki Haley is a Republican minority. The media views most stories like this in terms of victim and victimizer and a minority who signs on with the Republicans has, in the mind of so many reporters in America, chosen to join the victimizer class. Therefore, when she herself is a victim, it’s just payback.

It’s sad that this would be the case, but the media has for decades shown us how they operate. What would be front page for days in a row on the New York Times were Nikki Haley a Democrat will be barely covered.

But on the bright side, we lose one less news cycle to a story of union violence and keep the focus on how Barack Obama is destroying the economy.

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