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Friday, May 3, 2013

Blame It On The Tea Party

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” — Vladimir Lenin

There is a constant barrage of claims from the Left and RINO Republicans that the Tea Party is a group of dissidents that are akin to terrorist who do not have the best interest of the county at heart. They are accused of being against gun control, wanting a reduction in the size and scope of government, onerous EPA regulations, wanting lower taxes, unregulated immigration, and wanting the repeal of ObamaCare. All of this is true. But, they are people who assemble for peaceful protests, visits to offices of their legislature, and support candidates for political or administrative office that agree with their principles.

Tea Party member come in all stripes. There are seniors and young people. There are whites, Hispanics, and Blacks. There are Gays and straight folks. There are doctors, lawyers, engineers, farmers, industrial workers, housewives, and even a few college professors. The one this they all have in common is a love of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

They are usually better informed as to the politics of the nation and what is happening in Washington, D.C., their state capital, their city hall, and local school board. And they don’t like what is happening to the country.

In 2010 their influence changed the political makeup of the U.S. House of Representatives along with many state houses and state legislatures. The election of Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz were due to the efforts of the Tea Party. This is what our Founders wanted, a vibrant Republic where the citizens made the wished known through the ballot box

Yet as late as yesterday Harry Reid (D-NV), majority leader of the Senate, accused the Tea Party of being archaists and obstructionists to Obama’s agenda and more interested in making a point that making progress — progress to what?

In 2010 the left-wing press accused the Tea Party of acting violently and racists towards a Black Congressman — something that never happened, Andrew Breitbart of offered $100,000 to anyone who had video of such an occurrence. None ever came forth. Believe me, for 100 grand I would have presented such a video if I had one. This was allegation was just one of many thrown around by the Left – Allegations that were never proven.

On the other hand we have the Left and how they approach politics. They don’t believe in our system of constitutional government. They believe, like Lenin in street riots and the destruction of private property to make their agenda known. In most cases they don’t even know what they want. The Occupy Wall Street movement of 2012 was a prime example of this. They occupies public places without permits and trashed them. When asked by responsible reporters what they wanted most could no not give a cogent answer. All the wanted was free college, forgiveness of the college loans, a high paying job commensurate with their inflated worth, and the destruction of the capital system. The irony in their demands was that without the capitalist system their chances of getting that high paying job were zero. Yet the left-wing Democrats latched onto OWS movement in order to show their sympathies for this bunch of pot-smoking, disgruntled college students and losers.

The annual May Day parade of losers turned violent in Seattle, much as it did last year.mayday_poster It’s a thematically appropriate way to commemorate world socialism, although rather rough on the innocent bystanders. In addition to the violence, you’ve also got the rich irony of Starbucks patrons wearing designer labels using high-end smartphones to organize a rally “against capitalism, all nation states, and borders,” as their recruiting poster declared. No one could parody this pathetic “movement” more effectively than it satirizes itself.

Several dozen protesters, many using bandanas to cover their faces, began clashing with police in downtown Seattle hours after a peaceful immigrant-rights march ended. Protesters threw rocks and bottles at police officers and news crews.

As they moved through downtown Seattle to another nearby neighborhood, they flung construction street barriers, trash cans and newspaper bins on the streets in an attempt to block advancing police officers. Windows of local businesses were broken and vehicles with people in them were banged around.

The violence stemmed from a march that billed itself as an “anti-capitalism” protest. Initially, the protesters concentrated on a business sector of downtown Seattle.

Despite lacking a permit to march, Seattle police escorted them as through downtown.

“That first march came downtown. It was absolutely peaceful…it was almost a festive affair and they had some serious messages, too, that they wanted to express. No incidents whatsoever,” McGinn said. “The second march was very different, and it wasn’t just merely because it was unpermitted. I think it also had to do with the nature of the individuals in it and what they wanted to do.”

Not that there’s much point in trying to have a rational discussion withmayday_riot these people, but it’s amusing that they don’t seem to understand that anarchy is the harbinger of the centralized domination they fancy themselves protesting. Anarchists are merely the roadies who set the stage and hook up the equipment for the big-name totalitarian bands, whose sets always run long past the point where the audience is ready to die trying to escape. Anarchy isn’t “total freedom,” as the banner held aloft in the post declares; it is the prelude to total submission.

In Seattle, “total freedom” turned out to mean smashing a lot of windows and throwing rocks at the police. Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be much U.S. media coverage of the festivities yet, but the Independent of Ireland filed a report:

“Protesters threw rocks, bottles and chunks of asphalt at officers, officials said, smashing store and car windows, overturning trash cans and lining up newspaper display racks to block streets.

Police in riot gear, some riding in armored SWAT vehicles, responded by repeatedly firing “blast ball” grenades, which emit smoke tinged with pepper spray.

“We’re a bigger, better city than this,” Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference. “I’m disappointed that this is the picture the world sees of us.”

Most of the 150-200 protesters who had stayed on the street after darkness fell for a “non-permitted” protest had dispersed by midnight.

“We did not start to take action until that group itself started to act violently towards the officers and the community at large,” Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh said.”

150 to 200 people? The Glorious Peoples’ Revolutionary Army is looking pretty sad these days. Next year, if they want to draw a bigger crowd of like-minded supporters, they should consider holding their “demonstration” in North Korea. They would have their socialist brothers and sisters eating from the palms of their hands! (Literally, if they bring food.)

KING 5 News in Seattle has more details, including a tally of the arrests and injuries:

“Olivia One Feather of Covington joined the crowd Wednesday night because she wanted to see how police handled the protest. She said she wasn’t impressed, adding that she was pepper sprayed in the face while trying to video record officers.

“They don’t have any manners. They don’t say please or give you time to get out of the way,” she said.

Of the protesters, she added, “They’re doing what we need to do to stand up to ourselves. These are our streets and we have the right to take them.”

What, your streets? Public streets belong to all and the impairment of ingress and egress is a crime against public order. But, these morons don’t seem to understand or even know it. There have been many state court rulings defining the right of passage on public ways and a federal appellate court ruling in Frantz v. Gress.

By the way, misguided Republicans who think supporting amnesty for illegal aliens will somehow win them political support should note that Commie Day was also a big day for amnesty shills, who staged demonstrations in Seattle and elsewhere.

The violence marred a May Day that immigrant-rights activists hoped would put a focus back on immigration reform. Thousands of people marched about 2½ miles from the Central District toward Seattle’s downtown Jackson Federal Building after a May Day rally supporting immigrant rights and labor.

Many carried signs, with messages such as “We are America,” and “There are no illegal humans.” One sign suggested forgetting about marijuana and instead asking the United States to “Legalize my mom,” a reference to Washington’s recent legalization of marijuana.

You can read more reports and view videos of the Seattle demonstrations at Hot Air, Breitbart and The Blaze.

Of Course you have consider that Seattle is one of the most left-wing cities in the United States. Several years there were violent demonstration against the World Trade Organization aka The Battle in Seattle. It is also home to Starbucks and John Reed the commie newspaperman who, in 1917, went to The Soviet Union and proclaimed the wonders of the Communist Revolution and in 1920 was buried as a “Hero of the Soviet Union” near the Kremlin Wall. Much could be said about Reed, but as Obama’s Press Secretary J. Carney said about Benghazi; “that was a long time ago.” He was one of Lenin’s “useful idiots” as the bone-headed demonstrators in Seattle and Chicago are.

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