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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Uncivil Civility of the Left

"Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing." — Edmund Burke

If you have ever read the comments section of a blog or a YouTube video you have seen some of the vilest and uncivil comments posted. These comments are not limited to just the comments sections, but also to the blog, and even so called respected columnists in our Major newspapers. You will also see them on some of the cable channel news shows like MSNBC. The majority of these comments and attacks come from the left.

The so called progressive left is composed of people, who when their ideology is challenged will not attempt to break the argument, instead they will attack the person or persons making the argument. This is what those who cannot accept a differing point of view or opinion do. This is especially true among the so called “educated” left —the college students and graduates that have had their heads so filled with left-wing ideology during their college years.

This has been going on for years. It began during the Vietnam War and has been on the rise since. Our society has accepted this vile discourse as free speech —which it is. The problem is that these left-wing groups believe they have a monopoly on free speech. They believe they have the right to say anything they want while their conservative opponents are called all sorts of vile names and labeled racists or homophobes if they disagree with their ideology. This is what people like Saul Alinsky advocated in his book Rules for Radicals — the playbook of the left.

Simon Jenkins of the UK Guardian writes in his column regarding free speech in the United States; “Today's culprit is freedom of speech, or at least the speech of the American right and its broadcast cheerleaders. Shock-jock radio presenters feed on biased television news to present a view of the world divided between goodies and baddies. The baddies are always on the brink of victory and must be confronted with virile aggression. Language that might not disturb a balanced mind can clearly stimulate and legitimize an unbalanced one.”

“The vitriol and inaccuracy of the campaign against Obama's public health reforms last year were like those against abortion and homosexuality. To many Europeans, the echo across the Atlantic came from a people isolated from the outside world and unable to handle today's social and scientific progress. The debate was infused with nastiness and xenophobia, as if the US was a land composed of tribes bred only to hate the outside world, and often themselves.”

Jenkins continues; “Free speech is a Hobbesian jungle. It requires a marketplace where the trade in information, ideas and opinion has a framework of rules, including rules that maintain fair and open competition. Most will be voluntary, but others need enforcement. The US Supreme Court last year freed from control all political campaign gifts from corporations, on the grounds that this would be a breach of free speech. Ronald Dworkin's rebuttal of this "devastating decision for democracy" in the New York Review of Books pointed out that freedom of speech was hopeless if vulnerable to the bullying of wealth. Obama warned that it would "open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections".

“Yet Obama himself declined to champion the "fairness doctrine" that once governed broadcasting licenses awarded by America's Federal Communications Commission, and governs them throughout Europe. The doctrine was rescinded in 1987 under pressure from the right, stimulating the growth of one-sided broadcasting outlets such as shock-jock radio stations and Fox News. While Jon Stewart and others have counter-punched from the left, it strains credulity to maintain that this polarization [sic] has had no impact on the virulence – and immobility – of American public life.”

Simon is a typical left wing elite with absolutely no understanding or respect for our Constitution. The UK has no constitution and all of their rights stem from the king or parliament. Our rights stem from God, which are inalienable. Europeans do not understand this fact. Also, Jenkins makes no reference to the hate speech from the left in his misguided analysis of our nation. You can read Mr. Jenkins column by clicking here.

No one figure in this country is targeted by the left-wing hate speech than Sarah Palin. She has become the poster girl for hate from the left. “Michelle Malkin writes; "There are many heroes who showed indomitable courage and grace under fire during [the] horrific Tucson massacre. Blowhard Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was not one of them.  Sounding more like an MSNBC groupie than a responsible law enforcement official, Dupnik baselessly suggested that the shooting was part of a larger conspiracy and railed against “vitriol” from limited-government activists who are stoking “anger against elected officials.” Dupnik's mouth has done more to stoke self-inflicted ire against elected government clowns than anything the right could muster against him. Had the hyper-partisan Democrat been more in tune with his job than the media airwaves, the murderous, maniacal gunman might have been stopped. Decent Americans understand that he and his civilian counterparts have traveled a smear too far. Despite desperate attempts by the progressive left to pin the massacre on the 'harsh tone' of its political opponents, a vast majority of Americans reject the cynical campaign to criminalize conservatism, suppress political free speech and capitalize on violent crime for electoral gain. At the risk of being accused of inciting violence, you might say they've done gone and shot themselves in the foot."  You can read Malkin’s web post listing all of the vicious attacks on Palin by clicking here. The list is quite long, but well worth reading as it shows the absolutely insane hatred of her from the left

“For Leftism there are no sacred texts. The demotion of the sacred in general and of sacred texts specifically is at the center of Leftist thinking. ... If, to cite the most obvious example, the Bible is sacred, then I have to revere it more than I revere my own feelings in assessing what is right and wrong. But for the Left, what is right and wrong is determined by every individual's feelings, not by anything above the individual. This is a major reason why the Left, since Karl Marx, has been so opposed to Judeo-Christian religion. For Judaism and Christianity, God and the Bible are above the self. Indeed, Western civilization was built on the idea that the individual and society are morally accountable to God and to the moral demands of that book. That was the view, incidentally, of every one of the Founders, including deists such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. This is entirely unacceptable to the Left. [T]he bottom line is this: If it [the Constitution] is not regarded as sacred, it is nothing more than what anyone believes about any social issue. Which is precisely what the Left wants it to be — providing, of course, that the 'anyone is a liberal. For the Left, there are no sacred texts. There are only sacred (liberal) feelings." — columnist Dennis Prager

The Democrat Party and their left-wing minions in the media have taken the Tucson shooting as an opportunity to once again control the narrative and many Republicans and conservatives are allowing them to do so. In a recent poll 52% of Americans now disapprove of the Tea Party. This is the same Tea Party that was so popular last November. What the left could not accomplish during the election they have accomplished by trading on the victims of the Tucson shooting — discredit the Tea Party and the good and honest Americans who support their principles of constitutional government. This was made evident by the University of Arizona passing out T-shirts with Obama’s Organizing for America’s slogan “Together We Thrive” emblazoned on them at last week’s “memorial service’ for the victims of the shooting. The slogan was taken right of the Organizing for America’s web site.

It would be generous to call this the McCarthyism of the left. It is more in tune to Stalinism. It is right out of the Alinsky playbook, Rules for Radicals — rule no, 5: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon and Rule no. 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

While progressivism was born of an earnest desire to advance personal freedom, the ideology devolved into a collection of approaches that would lock people in the chains of a centrally planned society, with progressive elites withholding the keys to the locks.  We need look no farther than our progressive-in-chief for the embodiment of the stubborn pseudo-intellectual who views himself as society's infallible guiding hand. Barack Obama wants government to 'spread the wealth' by taking wealth from high earners who spread it more broadly and deeply than government ever could. ... Obama believes that people are wasting valuable time 'pushing away challenges, looking backwards' — presumably focusing on really dreadful stuff like wholesome values, common sense, and facts evidenced by history. Barack the magic driver says that Republicans critical of his magic bus “can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”  A hideous infestation called progressivism has uglified the White House and the Democrat Party. The tyrannous legislative and regulatory rampages that Obama and the Democrats undertook made something else clear. Until progressivism is flushed from the party, Democrats must never again be entrusted with substantial influence in government.

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